Life at Loop Capital

We work hard at Loop Capital and we work together, across the entire firm. Our preeminent focus on client needs and delivering the right solutions for each situation fosters a camaraderie and culture of collaboration that sets us apart from typical investment firms.

What We Do Differently

When our firm opened its door in 1997, with just six employees, we did so with the understanding that integrity and ingenuity would steer our business models and decisions. Today, we encourage our more than 200 employees to do the same. Our remarkable history of growth continues to be fueled by a clear and simple premise: deliver optimum value to our clients.


Integrity starts with honesty, from the way we work with clients, partners and vendors, to the way we treat one another in the workplace.


We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit at Loop Capital, coupled with a supreme sense of responsibility to meet deadlines and respond quickly to queries, from clients and co-workers. We also earn more work from clients and prospective clients by working harder, working smarter and keeping their needs at the top of the list, while earning the respect of colleagues by adding value and being a team player.


Loop Capital thrives when we collaborate. There are no silos. Employees pitch in when asked, and aren't afraid to ask others to do the same. Opinions and new ideas matter to clients and colleagues. Our collaborative nature puts a premium on open discussions and new ideas.


We invest time and resources supporting individuals, groups and institutions that are working to strengthen our communities.


Diversity of thought, diversity of culture, diversity of opinion. We value and encourage all at Loop Capital.


We are committed to positively advancing the future of our international community. We do so through informed investment and engagement in ESG value creation.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and Community Involvement

Personal Growth and Diversity

We value diversity of thought, diversity of culture and diversity of opinion. The best solutions often arise from those with experiences different than our own. It’s an entrepreneurial attitude that promotes openness and a willingness to “pitch in” when needed. At Loop Capital, we value ideas because strategizing possible solutions is the best way to achieve a successful outcome.

In addition, our commitment as a firm includes supporting employees in efforts to improve skills, learn new skills and expand understandings of emerging trends and technologies that impact the ways in which we serve our clients. We’ve created an environment where talented employees are recognized and each individual is given the opportunity to reach his or her potential. We are committed to hiring the best candidates, regardless of sex, age, race, religion, national origin, sexual preference, gender or cultural differences.

Investing Our Time and Resources Into Our Communities

Our firm and employees have a long tradition of actively making our communities better places in which to live and work. Our firm-wide commitment to community has long focused on supporting civic, cultural and educational opportunities with a special interest in serving the needs of youth and minorities. Our employees contribute “hands-on” work for various organizations, and many team members serve on boards and in other volunteer capacities throughout their communities.

As the Chairman of Loop Capital, I am proud not only because we are one of the fastest-growing financial services firms, but also because of the attitude that shapes our success.

Jim Reynolds, Chairman & CEO