Loop Capital Acquires Smith Graham Investment Advisors’ Fixed Income Assets

CHICAGO, November 2, 2022 – Loop Capital, LLC today announced its acquisition of Smith Graham & Co. Investment Advisors’ (“Smith Graham”) fixed income investment management assets effective November 1, 2022.

Loop Capital, LLC purchased $3.4 billion fixed income assets under management from Smith Graham.  The acquisition will bring Loop Capital’s subsidiary, Loop Capital Asset Management‘s (LCAM), total assets under management to nearly $10 billion and increases the number of investment management professionals servicing its clients to over 30 employees.

The transaction with Smith Graham is Loop Capital’s second in the asset management space, having acquired the U.S. fixed income business from the BMO Global Asset Management earlier in the year.

“At Loop Capital, we view market volatility as an attractive opportunity to increase the number of solutions we offer our clients and partners.” said Jim Reynolds, Chairman and CEO of Loop Capital.  “Asset management is a strategic growth engine for Loop, and this transaction increases our scale, while also enhancing the fixed income solutions, particularly in the area of liquidity solutions,” said Reynolds.  Gerald Smith, Chairman of Smith Graham added, “The combination of our two asset management teams creates a tier-one fixed income solutions provider, managing assets across the entire fixed income spectrum– from cash management to LDI strategies.”

As Loop Capital looks to its future in asset management, the company does not rule out further engagement with external talent, despite the volatile markets. Scott Kimball, CIO of LCAM added, “For our team, Loop Capital provides us with an entrepreneurial partner whose investment into asset management is just ramping up at a time many are looking to scale back.”  Adam Phillips, Head of Business Development for LCAM concurred, “In markets like the one we’re currently experiencing, a growth mindset is critical as we continue to invest in our team and extend our investment process into new and exciting strategies and vehicles.”

About Loop Capital Markets

Loop Capital is a full-service investment bank, brokerage and advisory firm that provides creative capital solutions for corporate, governmental and institutional entities across the globe. Loop Capital’s reputation for integrity and service – coupled with the firm’s track record of success – has allowed the firm to serve an expanding number of clients from coast-to-coast and globally. The firm continues to grow because clients continue to ask them to do more for them. The firm’s uncompromising commitment to excellence means that clients get superior, focused service across the entire platform.

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Celeste Wright Harris


How the Verizon Team is helping bring diversity and inclusion to the world of finance

Our very own, Sidney Dillard, was invited to participate, along with Verizon Senior Vice President and treasurer, Scott Krohn, and Vice President and Assistant Treasurer, Suzanne Ferrara-Mora, in “Up To Speed,” Verizon’s internal communications platform for employees where a variety of topics are covered daily. This segment focused on how Verizon is helping to bring diversity and inclusion to the world of finance.

Mario Rizzo, Allstate CFO, interviews Sidney Dillard during The Atlantic “State of the Black Community” forum regarding Allstate’s landmark bond transaction

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On April 15th, The Atlantic provided a progress report and hosted a forum on the “State of the Black Community.” Loop Capital Markets client, Allstate, was an underwriter of the event and invited Sidney Dillard to be interviewed by Mario Rizzo, Allstate Chief Financial Officer to discuss Allstate‘s ground breaking $1.2 billion November 2020 bond transaction where the company utilized an all diverse-owned investment banking syndicate.

Loop Capital CEO Jim Reynolds on Diversifying Wall Street

“I have found it so amazingly easy to recruit minority candidates — African American, women — and promote them very easily because I focus on talent,” Loop Capital’s Jim Reynolds said on CNBC’s “Halftime Report.”

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Minority-Owned Investment Banks Underwrite More Corporate Bond Offerings

“Minority-owned firms also play a key role in promoting diversity in the investment-banking industry by making it a priority to hire and promote people from underrepresented groups,” said Sidney Dillard, partner and head of corporate investment banking at Loop Capital in The Wall Street Journal.

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To Close Racial Economic Gaps, Create Meaningful Economic Participation

Sidney Dillard, Partner & Head of Corporate Investment Banking, Loop Capital, comments on The Next Move: How Business Can Close Racial Economic Gaps in 2021, developed as part of the Global Inclusive Growth Partnership, a collaboration between the Aspen Institute and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.

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Loop Capital Chairman and CEO, Jim Reynolds, speaks to SIFMA on the importance of talent diversity

Loop Capital Chairman and CEO, Jim Reynolds, speaks to SIFMA on the importance of talent diversity.

Underscoring the importance of how and where you recruit diverse talent, Jim Reynolds – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Loop Capital Markets and Vice Chair of SIFMA Board of Directors – opened our candid discussion with the analogy, “You have to go fishing where the fish are.” Loop Capital recruits from a variety of schools, seeking candidates from city schools, state schools, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and more.

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Loop Capital Markets’ 2021 Consumer, Industrials & TMT Investor Conference

Loop Capital Markets announces the lineup for our 2nd annual Consumer, Industrial, and TMT conference, taking place virtually on March 11th and 12th. The conference features both 1×1 and group presentations from ~100 companies, in addition to several topical panel discussions.

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Loop Capital Markets Chairman and CEO, Jim Reynolds, Speaks on Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Belonging in the Workplace at Pershing’s Leadership Meeting

Loop Capital Markets Chairman and CEO, Jim Reynolds, Speaks on Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Belonging in the Workplace at Pershing’s Leadership Meeting.

5 Questions For A Leader in Healthcare Finance

Loop Capital speaks with Dominic J. Nakis, Chief Financial Officer at Advocate Aurora Health, on the current state of the healthcare system.

What is your number 1 concern as we move into 2021?

Getting COVID-19 vaccines into as many arms as possible and taking care of our workforce are at the top of the list right now. Though a financial officer, all of us are concerned about how the pandemic has strained our team members. They are resilient and doing heroic work. We’re proud of them and here to support them.

Cost-saving – Where have you spent most of your time/energy?

The pandemic has pressured our operations due to lower revenue as patient activity has declined while we have experienced of increased costs for supplies like personal protection equipment and wages. We have worked hard to take care of our staff, even adding people to make sure we keep our team members and patients stay safe. We have certainly reduced the costs of corporate functions, certain non-clinical support operations and office real estate costs. During 2020 additionally we cut capital spending.

What broad category of investment in your system has the most impact moving forward?

The investing we have done in technology is going to pay off long-term. The pandemic pushed us to make fast progress on our electronic health record system, our LiveWell app and the use of virtual visits. I do not see that progress going backward as our patients get used to these new ways of accessing health care services. We will also continue to build out our ambulatory footprint. The pandemic has enabled us to create our Hospital at Home Service (significantly expanding chronic care management delivered in the home) and expand behavioral health services access via delivering individual and group therapies and outpatient partial hospitalization all virtually.

How is your system being creative/innovative in a highly regulated/restrictive environment?

We are trying to expand our focus beyond what are caregivers currently do so well in taking care of patient’s illnesses and diseases. Our goal is to become a destination health care company that helps people live well. We want to invest in the health of the whole person and are thinking about everyone’s individual needs. Whether it involves parenting, aging or nutrition, how we might help them take care of themselves from a holistic viewpoint.

How long will the COVID-19 pandemic be a material influencer of your business?

I believe it will impact our business on a long term basis – beyond 5 years. We have learned clinical lessons that will be used going forward. The pandemic has changed the we manage. We have narrowed our organizational priorities, learned we can make better and faster decisions when we get players from all the relevant functions working together to solve the problem. We have reduced the number of standing committees and use more narrowly focused teams to solve problems and design innovative solutions. As we expand our ambulatory footprint we are also reviewing the scope and size of such facilities by factoring in how much of the projected demand can be handled virtually – reducing the ambulatory square footage on a per patient or per member basis. The pandemic has changed how we will organize and locate a significant portion of our workforce – we have moved a to our team members working on a remote basis moving forward. This pandemic will not soon be forgotten and our business and management processes will reflect that.